About BJ Fogg:

Professor BJ Fogg PhD. is a behavioural scientist and researcher at Stanford University Graduate School of Education. Recognised as the world’s leading expert in changing human behaviour, his Tiny Habits® skill-set is a practical and immediately actionable methodology, that has been consistently proven to achieve remarkable results.

One of Fortune magazine’s ‘10 new Guru’s you should know’, BJ has spent well over two decades studying how human behaviour ‘Facebook Class’ at Stanford in 2007 that fired up the careers and fortunes for many of his students, he’s been dubbed the ‘millionaire maker’ thanks the numerous Silicon Valley start-ups his students have gone on to launch. Not least, Mike Krieger, who went on to become a co-founder of Instagram.

You can find out more about BJ herehere and on Twitter.

Checkout this TED talk from BJ too:

Mike undertook extensive training with Prof Fogg and Director of the Tiny Habits Academy, Linda Fogg-Phillips, before he graduated last summer. He touches base with Professor Fogg on a regular basis for updates and new insights on the Tiny Habits® method. (BJ insists, quite rightly, on consistently consulting with his coaches, developing feedback and sharing with them new ideas from his Lab.)