A Lunchtime that lasts a Lifetime.


I’m a performance coach. I teach a thing called: Tiny Habits®.

Tiny Habits is a breakthrough and proven method of improving employee performance, productivity and well-being.

And the ‘Lunchtime that lasts a Lifetime’ is a workshop like no other.

Bringing the Tiny Habits method of behaviour design to the workplace, this unique, accelerated learning programme takes just 60 minutes to deliver.

That’s right; an hour. Tops. 

(If you think that sounds like over-claim, far-fetched and non-deliverable; buckle up; there's more where that came from:)


At the end of this fast, fun and fascinating training module, attendees will leave with a complete understanding of the Tiny Habits methodology. 

And because it’s served up over a lunchtime, (or if you prefer, after work), this creative and very different CPD opportunity, won’t eat into the working day.

Following this in-house, (or live video-classroom) session, I consolidate everyone’s learning the following week, with a compact, 5 day, Monday-Friday email-based training component:

This is an opportunity for everybody to practice Tiny Habits hands-on with me, (and feedback how they’re progressing), as I guide them through the seamless integration of Tiny Habits into their lives.

This module, typically delivered the week after the initial workshop, requires an astonishingly small time commitment from all concerned, so again, ensures negligible disruption to the workday.

And what is that bull-shitty sounding; ‘astonishingly small time commitment’ from them ?:  Just 3 minutes each day.

(I told you we were going to dial-up the crazy.)

That’s right: The only time input we ask from your people in week two, is for 3 x 30 seconds a day actually practicing the personalised and customised Tiny Habits we design together. Plus an additional 90 seconds for participants to fire off a super-short, daily email reply, letting me know how they’re getting on.

(This regular email check-in, brings a gentle, but all-important accountability to the coaching, and is a great predictor of successful outcomes.)

Can such a short protocol to build strong new habits at work, work? 

Well, over 50,000 people world-wide have already engaged in this powerful and rewarding methodology.

With a statistically significant proportion of them, reporting remarkable long-lasting results ~ thanks to the quick, easy-to-learn nature of the system. 

Some would even go as far to say Tiny Habits is a personal and professional super-power.

Are any of your employees worth £75.00 each? 

That’s my introductory price, per person, for companies who want to pilot the two week course with me.

To find out more about how Tiny Habits can increase performance, productivity and well-being in your workplace, might I suggest we grab a 5 minute chat on the phone sometime soon? We can schedule that here:

I know your time is precious.  But this call might be priceless.

Thank you.

I hope I’ve managed to keep this page/pitch ;~}  super-simple, just like Tiny Habits. But if you want to dig a bit deeper into the benefits and outcomes of Tiny Habits @Work, that’s covered here: