The Do Lectures Side Project Report: My passport to Tiny Habits.

The Do Lectures Side Project Report: My passport to Tiny Habits.

Tiny Habits changed my life: 


About 3 years ago I was working as a Creative Director and Workshop Leader for the Do Lectures, - do you know what the Do Lectures is? Think of it as TED, but for cool people ;-]

A great job, it offered me some wonderful creative opportunities, and some of the biggest, hairiest, fear-inducing creative briefs of my career. 

In late 2016: my boss at The Do: David Hieatt - a brilliant creative in his own right, (write?),  asked if I’d like to be creative lead on a 160pp publication called - The Side Project Report. A kind of Bible of side hustles - exploring, interviewing and reporting on the stories of scores of successful individuals and companies around the world who’d started life as side projects. 

And it was this Side Project Report, or more accurately the fear of screwing it up, that motivated me to implement the Tiny Habits programme, methods, skill-set in my own life. 

I knew that I needed a whole bunch things to come together if I was going to tame this puppy: Mental sharpness, showing up every day to do the work, not procrastinating, being super-productive, being as creatively as good as I possibly could, bringing energy and vitality to the project, adopting effective stress management techniques, getting good sleep, hydration, exercise, diet…the works. All the stuff we all need to be in place in our personal lives to be good at what we’re paid to do in our professional lives.

I NEEDED TO SORT IT. Nail it. Be on my A-Game for months on end.

And I felt that the Stanford University Professor; BJ Fogg's Tiny Habits Method for optimising behaviour, establishing strong habits and getting my act together might be just what I needed:

I started tiny of course, and simply signed up for BJ's free 5 day web-based programme.

And ended up doing the full-fat, full-on, fully accredited coach training with BJ Fogg, to be endorsed as one of the few Tiny Habits® coaches in the UK.

Learning Tiny Habits changed my life. And my career. It could do the same for you.