So, what is a Tiny Habit? 


And why is it such a big deal?


An overview of BJ Fogg's Tiny Habits Method: 

With Prof BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits programme you can create positive new behaviours in your personal life and career, in a surprisingly short space of time. 

BJ has studied human behaviour for over 20 years, mostly at Stanford University. And here’s what he’s learned: 

Only three things will change behaviour in the long term. 

Option A. Have an epiphany

Option B. Change your environment (what surrounds you)

Option C. Take baby steps

Creating an epiphany is difficult. Really difficult. An epiphany ‘happens’ to you: You don’t go out and get yourself one.

So you should rule out Option A (unless you have mystical powers.)

But here’s the good news: The other two options are practical. And they can lead to lasting change if you follow the right programme. (Like Tiny Habits’ ;~}

Some elements of Option B are baked into the Tiny Habits method. But where the rubber really meets the road is in Option C: Take Baby steps.

This is at the heart of the Tiny Habits Method, and has been proven to be super-powerful in helping people build full-blown habits in no time.

We say, (and can prove with thousands of data points), that: ‘Simplicity changes Behaviour’, and ‘Emotions create Habits’.

Over 50,000 people have signed-up for the Tiny habits programme world-wide, since its inception in 2011. Believing in the power of baby steps, and by leveraging simple daily prompts as reminders, many of them have experienced life-changing, life-enhancing results and long-term benefits in a whole host of personal and professional domains. 


So the method is surprisingly simple, but the impact can be enormous. 

And now in the UK, Mike Coulter can help you get those results in your life too. 

From productivity to health gains. Weight loss to career success. Stress reduction to relationship improvement. Mike has personal experience of the effectiveness and positive outcomes of Tiny Habits in all these areas of your life and more.

Join us.